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post-studyThursday’s Thoughts Asks…

If you could study a subject that you’ve never had the opportunity to learn, what would you choose?  This could be an academic class or the study of a specific skill or art.  Tell us your passion about it!

And, so you wonder to yourself… “What DO I Win?  This week’s winner receives:

  • A BookCharmer from
  • You win a spot on the Thursday’s Thoughts World Famous Blog Roll! 
  • You become the author of the next week’s Question of the Week at Thursday’s Thoughts.  Yes, YOU can be the one to ask that question that you are just dying to know about your fellow bloggers.

What do you have to do to earn such enticing privileges?

  • Add a comment with your answer below (O.K. – 1 entry)
  • Write your answer in your blog (GREAT! – 2 entries)
  • Write your answer in your blog and include a picture (below) and tie-back to this MEME post (YOU TOTALLY ROCK! – 3 entries)
  • Additional Entry:  Subscribe to
  • Additional Entry:  YOU Twitter about this contest!

Post your answer before 7 PM P.S.T. on Thursday, March 19th and considered yourself ENTERED!



winnerWe Have A Winner!


Here’s Becky’s Answer…

I remember being 5 years old and chasing the dog around the house. I jammed my knee into a nail sticking out of the wall, and I had to get stitches. I remember blood staining my sock, and that’s about it.. I must have blocked out the stitches part because it hurt so much! :( I also remember being little and a relative couldn’t come to my birthday party, and I commented that I didn’t want her there because she was fat; my mom really chewed me out. I learned about tact that day. I still feel bad. :( Thank you so much for offering this giveaway!

Oh, Becky….

For the rest of y’all, THANK YOU FOR ENTERING!  Here’s The Randomizer’s Results:

  1. Becky (eyes)
  2. Jennifer (LH)
  3. Sarah H.
  4. Suzanne D.
  5. Jason
  6. Gina S.
  7. Amber (sister)
  8. Kirsten (butter)
  9. Cynthia C.
  10. Sandy (Mrs. Mommy)
  11. Janelle (brimful)
  12. Valorie (Morbid)
  13. Shilo B
  14. S Burns
  15. Shannon B.
  16. Jennifer M.
  17. Lisa (retro)
  18. Valorie (Morbid)
  19. Ronnica
  20. Steve S.
  21. Donna R.
  22. Stacie V
  23. Lily K.
  24. Doreen
  25. Ed N.
  26. Andrea (so many)
  27. Jeanine P.
  28. Diane G.
  29. Candie L.
  30. Diane S.
  31. Tiffany (porch)
  32. Charlotte P.
  33. Kerry (ryan)
  34. S Burns
  35. Sherri B.
  36. Donna (faith)
  37. Susan V.
  38. Helen (coffee)
  39. Donna K.
  40. Beth S.
  41. Janelle (brimful)
  42. Ronnie F.
  43. Denise (lazy)
  44. Rita M.
  45. Roberts
  46. Kerry W.
  47. Jill L.
  48. Darlene
  49. Shirley
  50. Janice W.
  51. Erika L.
  52. Erin (bible)
  53. Christine (justice)
  54. Bev
  55. Tracey B.
  56. Krista (welcome)
  57. Jennifer (LH)
  58. Donna R.
  59. Dallan E.
  60. Andrea (so many)
  61. Janet C.
  62. Traci T.
  63. Brooke
  64. Angie O.
  65. Elizabeth R.
  66. Elisabeth V.
  67. Erika L.
  68. Janeh
  69. Tricia A.
  70. Sarah (pa)
  71. velocibadgergirl
  72. Betty C.
  73. Billie J.
  74. Colleen S.
  75. Sarah (fert)
  76. Chrysa
  77. Stephanie V.
  78. Ed V.E.
  79. Meg (L. Menagerie)
  80. Andrea (so many)
  81. Rhapsody in Books
  82. Penny (I love)
  83. Penny (I love)
  84. Amber (sister)
  85. Kenia B.
  86. Nise
  87. Debbie C.
  88. Dorothy L.
  89. Nycole
  90. Penny (I love)
  91. Veronica S.
  92. Janelle (brimful)
  93. Jennifer B.
  94. Noreen (silly)
  95. Amber (sister)
  96. Valorie (Morbid)
  97. Dan
  98. ikkinlala
  99. Donna (faith)
  100. Jeane (shoes)
  101. Lois
  102. Aniela R.
  103. Veronica G.
  104. Dru Mooney
  105. Kris
  106. Kaye
  107. Pamela B.
  108. Marilyn H.
  109. Pamela S.
  110. Penny (I love)
  111. Jennifer (LH)
  112. oona b
  113. RuthAnn
  114. S Burns
  115. Lena
  116. Victoria (16 mos)
  117. Jennifer (LH)
  118. Leann S.
  119. Darby L.
  120. Angela J.
  121. Slyvia B.
  122. Marcia S.
  123. Donna (faith)
  124. Cassie M.
  125. Sarah (fert)
  126. Janelle (brimful)
  127. sapokedak
  128. S Burns
  129. Erika L.
  130. Linda M.

Timestamp: 2009

character-post-sizeFrom our wonderful winner, Teddy Rose of So Many Precious Books, So Little Time, we have this week’s Thursday’s Thoughts question….

If you could be any fictional character who would it be and why?

This week’s Thursday’s Thoughts is a just for fun meme.  There are only two “prizes” for winning this week…

1.  You get to choose the next question for the Thursday’s Thoughts MEME.

2.  You are put on the Thursday’s Thoughts HALL O’ FAME Blogroll!

So, the rules are easy…

  • You can enter by leaving a comment
  • You can enter by posting your answer on your blog
  • You can use this lovely picture of Scarlett O’Hara, or the Thursday’s Thoughts Logo, on your post
  • You can include pictures of your fictional character
  • You can run naked down the street (just kidding!)

That’s it!

Oh… and, entries are up at 7:00PM P.S.T.

Cool beans!tt-logo-butterfly


winnerWe have a winner!

Valorie of Morbid Romantic

Her post was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend you all check it out!

                           CLICK: HERE

Valorie… you may choose a book on Amazon.Com valued up to $25 that is written by or about any US President.  Please choose your poison and email me at with it!

Valorie, you also have the option of chosing next week’s Thursday’s Thoughts QUESTION OF THE WEEK!  However, if you elect to choose the question, I will need it by Friday of this week.

And, the piece d’ resistance is that you are now on the official Thursday’s Thoughts BLOGROLL…. (thrillin’, ain’t it?)

Congrats, Valorie.. you deserve it!

We have a winner!winner

Congratulations to Christine R.

Her question was:

I would ask Andy Gibb why didn’t he talk to someone about whatever was bothering him instead of turning to drugs.

Christine, you get the option… if you’re up for it… of choosing next week’s Thursday’s Thoughts question.  I’d love it if you’d like to submit one.

For the rest of you… WOW!  This was Thursday’s Thoughts best contest ever!  It seems that there are several marriage proposals, date requests, and Marilyn Monroe death inquiries.    I’ll be posting a recap of the popularity of the stars in an upcoming post on A Novel Menagerie.  Thank you so much for your entries!

Here is the breakdown of the RANDOMIZER who chose the winner.

There were 114 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Christine R.
  2. Roseann
  3. Becky
  4. Book PSmith
  5. Amy A.
  6. Valorie
  7. Erma
  8. Ed N.
  9. Jeanette J.
  10. Trin
  11. Sue A.
  12. Amber
  13. theodore e.
  14. John R. F.
  15. Tayna
  16. Christine
  17. Karen G.
  18. Sandy
  19. Denise
  20. Abby
  21. Rita A.
  22. Angela J.
  23. Katt L.
  24. Book PSmith
  25. Susanne t.
  26. Kat B.
  27. Deslily
  28. Susan C.
  29. Tamara B.
  30. Karen Lee
  31. Lily K.
  32. Carol
  33. Book PSmith
  34. Angel
  35. Donna K.
  36. Ken R.
  37. Terri
  38. Becky
  39. Sabina E.
  40. Trin
  41. Barbara C.
  42. ky2here
  43. Deslily
  44. Geoff
  45. Christopher H.
  46. Carol D.
  47. C. Clemens
  48. Deslily
  49. Alyce
  50. Melanie
  51. Diedre
  52. Wrighty
  53. Diane B.
  54. Linda C.
  55. Veronica G.
  56. Valorie
  57. Kim M.
  58. Robert P.
  59. David
  60. Wrighty
  61. Kelly
  62. Christie
  63. Jacob
  64. Ann
  65. Slyvia B.
  66. Cheryl W.
  67. Amy T.
  68. Samantha P.
  69. Donna K.
  70. Valorie
  71. Christina
  72. Valorie
  73. Kathy Y.
  74. Susan V.
  75. Emmy T.
  76. Rachel R.
  77. Mia J.
  78. Bobbie
  79. Barbara R.
  80. Michelle S.
  81. David C.
  82. Becky
  83. Katherine F.
  84. Rosanne
  85. Auriette
  86. J chaborek
  87. Becky
  88. David H.
  89. Crystle T.
  90. Mike W.
  91. Amanda – Pearls
  92. Jennifer B.
  93. Jean F.
  94. L. Knott
  95. Leloni
  96. Shannon B.
  97. Valorie
  98. Rose R.
  99. Leann S.
  100. Trin
  101. Rachel S.
  102. Marilyn
  103. Valerie M.
  104. CarolSue
  105. Lisa
  106. Kathy P.
  107. Kathy S.
  108. Brian G.
  109. Sito
  110. Gena
  111. Trin
  112. Steff S.
  113. Leigh N.
  114. Sheila P.

Timestamp: 2009-01-16 11:18:48 UTC





We Have A Winner… Ti, it’s You!

Most of you already know Ti at Book Chatter & Other Stuff.   I’m somewhat new to her blog (late on the bandwagon, you could say)… and have already subscribed and will be adding her to my blog rolls.  Check her out!

Another great blog that I learned about in this week’s MEME/contest is ?? at Repurposed.  This is an awesome blog and I only wish I could sew better after checking out some of her cool ideas!  Mama wants new curtains!  And, I love her ideas on re-using sheets… very good idea.  After all, the material in sheets is so sturdy and soft!

I also liked being inspired by the resolutions that you put forth.  I want to thank for your participating and commenting!  It makes EVERYTHING worth it!  I remember last year when I wanted to stop this MEME because I didn’t think anybody really wanted it.  I’m glad the few of you out there urged me to continue it.  It’s fun and I the best part is that I get to meet new people.  That’s what it should be about!

Next week there will not be a Thursday’s Thoughts meme/contest will be published this weekend. 

The Randomizer’s Results:

  1. Ti
  2. Alyce
  3. Christy
  4. Alessandra
  5. Alyce
  6. Valorie
  7. Amanda Sue
  8. Darby L
  9. Diedre
  10. Alessandra
  11. Valorie
  12. Stephanie
  13. Ti
  14. BlueStocking
  15. Repurposed

Timestamp: 2009-01-02 05:27:38 UTC

God Bless and Happy New Year!




The participation level in Thursday’s Thoughts has really dwindled.  I really enjoy the weekly challenge, but due to the level of response on the last two contests, I’m not sure that I should keep it up. 

Please give me your feedback…

Am I better off just hosting periodic contests on A Novel Menagerie?

Thanks for your candid comments!