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Winner: Shaping History

Posted on: February 20, 2009

winnerWe’ve Got A Winner!



The Literate Housewife Review

I really, really love Jennifer’s blog.  She just underwent a major renovation to her site and I just love it (especially the kitty!).  Anyway, her answer is totally groovy.  Go and check it out!

Oh… Jennifer…. the baton has been passed.  It’s your turn to come up with the question for next week’s Thursday’s Thoughts!

Now… for the rest of you who didn’t blog your answer… TISK TISK TISK!  Mr. Bear is expecting more from you this week!  (Hee Hee)


2 Responses to "Winner: Shaping History"

I LOVE her answer. The printing press was like… this catalyst for forward movement beyond what we can imagine. Nevermind the movable type printing already in China, the Western world could FINALLY, for the first time, mass print. Literacy grew and ideas spread. The bible was printed in the vernacular. ❤ Great, great post.

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