Thursday’s Thoughts

Winner: Mr. President

Posted on: February 10, 2009

winnerWe have a winner!

Valorie of Morbid Romantic

Her post was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend you all check it out!

                           CLICK: HERE

Valorie… you may choose a book on Amazon.Com valued up to $25 that is written by or about any US President.  Please choose your poison and email me at with it!

Valorie, you also have the option of chosing next week’s Thursday’s Thoughts QUESTION OF THE WEEK!  However, if you elect to choose the question, I will need it by Friday of this week.

And, the piece d’ resistance is that you are now on the official Thursday’s Thoughts BLOGROLL…. (thrillin’, ain’t it?)

Congrats, Valorie.. you deserve it!


2 Responses to "Winner: Mr. President"

Gah! I actually won. 😛 I will be emailing you tonight with my selection and my question. Thanks so, so much!

Excellent post Valorie! You did deserve it. Congrats!

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