Thursday’s Thoughts

Thursday’s Thoughts: Which Fictional Character Would You Be?

Posted on: February 10, 2009

character-post-sizeFrom our wonderful winner, Teddy Rose of So Many Precious Books, So Little Time, we have this week’s Thursday’s Thoughts question….

If you could be any fictional character who would it be and why?

This week’s Thursday’s Thoughts is a just for fun meme.  There are only two “prizes” for winning this week…

1.  You get to choose the next question for the Thursday’s Thoughts MEME.

2.  You are put on the Thursday’s Thoughts HALL O’ FAME Blogroll!

So, the rules are easy…

  • You can enter by leaving a comment
  • You can enter by posting your answer on your blog
  • You can use this lovely picture of Scarlett O’Hara, or the Thursday’s Thoughts Logo, on your post
  • You can include pictures of your fictional character
  • You can run naked down the street (just kidding!)

That’s it!

Oh… and, entries are up at 7:00PM P.S.T.

Cool beans!tt-logo-butterfly



9 Responses to "Thursday’s Thoughts: Which Fictional Character Would You Be?"

Funny that you used Scarlett for this! Gone With the Wind is an all time favorite. I wouldn’t want to be scarlett though. LOL!

I’m not sure how to answer my own question. LOL! I think I would like to be Enzo from’The Art of Racing In the Rain’ He was such a level headed dog!

Teddy, I loved Enzo! Wasn’t that a great book? I got to be in a club online and he joined us for a month. His wife came along and joined us after the first week too. It was so much fun.

I enjoy reading about most fictional characters, would like to meet many of them but can’t think of too many that I would want to be. That’s tougher than it sounds! I think Winnie the Pooh is pretty cool. What fun to sit around all day and dream about honey. Christopher Robin loves you and Piglet is your best friend. What a life! Of course Tigger is about as carefree as you can possibly get so he has it pretty good too. This wasn’t a very scholarly answer but it was fun! 🙂

I would love to be Scarlett. I think I am Scarlett (ssshhh…)

Hey – thanks for posting my link for me!

No problem, Carrie. I read every post you do!

My mother is visiting for the week and I missed out on this one. >.< I look forward to next week’s Thursday’s Thoughts!

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