Thursday’s Thoughts

Thursday’s Thoughts: That One Question

Posted on: January 3, 2009


 If you could ask that one famous

Hollywood Star ONE question…

what would it be?

Some of my favorite stars are depicted above.  It would be a toss up between:

Vivian, what was it like to kiss Clark Gable?

Marilyn, if you could do it all again… would you?

Julia, which is harder: being a mother or twins or being a world-famous movie star?

Tom, exactly how do you feel about being best known for dancing in your underwear?

Meg, what is it like to have women imitate your orgasm?

Lucy, is Desi  your soulmate?


This rules to this week’s Thursday’s Thoughts:

  • Post your answer in a comment below… 1 entry
  • Post your answer on your blog with a picture of your favorite Hollywood Star… 2 entries
  • Post your answer on your blog with a picture of your favorite Hollywood Star and link it back to Thursday’s Thoughts with the Thursday’s Thoughts Logo… 3 entries
  • Sign up with Mr. Linky (below)… 1 additional entry
  • Subscribe to automatic feed for Thursday’s Thoughts… 1 additional entry
  • Contest starts January 4th and ends on January 15th at 7pm PST


This week’s prize… a DVD of your choice OR a book about a movie or television star!




108 Responses to "Thursday’s Thoughts: That One Question"

I would ask him (Matsuda Ryuhei): “Have you ever thought to attempt to get roles in Western films?”

I blogged my answer here:

I also subscribed to your feed and signed up with Mr. Linky using the below link.

hmmm, I’ll have to think on this one and then blog it and come give you the link…
my problem being that I knew my “favorite actor” and asked him many questions over the years .. so I need to think of someone I haven’t met and what I would ask him/ her!

I would ask a question of Nicole Kidman. Not saying she is my favourite Hollywood Star, but I don’t mind her. She is Aussie after all, lol…

“What really happened to cause your marriage break-up with Tom Cruise?

A: I had the strangest dream about them divorcing about a year before they did. I always wondered why I had that dream because I don’t even know them! Anyway, I’d love to know, too!

D: I enjoyed the DeForrest Kelly site.

V: I don’t know who that actor is! Do share!

Hugh Jackman, will you marry me? LOL


LOL Deidre!! Us Aussie’s produce some real hunks eh??

I planned on posting this on my blog but then the whole migraine thing threw off my week. I’ve been playing catch-up since then and just now remembered this post.

It was a tough choice. My first thought was to ask Elvis “What is your life story? Take your time with your answer.” 🙂 (My dad was a huge fan and raised me to appreciate his music. Ok, and when I was a kid I had a crush on him.)

Then I thought it would be fun to ask him if he had a choice to do his life over would he choose:

1) The same life he had (with all the celebrity and early death)

2) A quiet and anonymous long life with enough material possessions to live comfortably, but no fame or fortune.

So I’m going with my second question.

I would ask Bing Crosby about being a father. Here is my full answer:

Sher, thanks for putting this together. This is my first time to Thursday’s Thoughts.

Oh Alyce, sorry about the migraines. I have them too although they aren’t as bad as they used to be. Feel better.

I don’t really have a favorite actor but when we were kids we loved to watch the Sunday matinee on TV. We only got 2 1/2 channels out here in the boonies (3 channels in the winter when the signal was clearer) so we watched what was on. We often got to see the Three Stooges. Ah, the good old days! I would like to ask the three (or 4, 5 however many they had):
How many times did you really poke each other in the eyes?

I subscribe!

I’d ask Grace Kelly what it was like to have both Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra croon to her. 🙂

I love High Society.

Becky (laney_poATyahooDOTcom)

After finding a clip on YouTube realized I just had to write up a whole post so that’s why I”m in both Mr. Linky and in the comments. YouTube is very very addictive 🙂

I would ask Elvis Presley: What’s your biggest regret in your life?

DONE — Subscribe to automatic feed for Thursday’s Thoughts… 1 additional entry

I would ask Joan Crawford directly “What reasons did you have for adopting your children?”

i’d ask brad pitt why not me?

Sophia Bush-

Are you and Chad over your divorce or did he spill the news about you and James because of his jealousy?

Marilyn I gotta know how did you have an affair with a President and get away with it?

I would ask Neve Campbell why she doesnt pick better roles because she is a fabulous actress…

I would love to ask Kenny Chesney what REALLY happened in his brief marriage to Renee Zelwiger?????

I’m in. Since this isn’t a book or reading meme (this one, anyway), I posted on my non-book blog. =)

I would ask Charles Chaplin, what are his true impressions of the United States? Please accept my entry. Thank you.

Marilyn Monroe, how did you die?

I’d like to ask Katherine Hepburn how she managed to succeed and remain tough in a field and society that pretty man-centric.

We think of actors/actesses as glamorous figures. I would ask some of the lesser known, not-so-good-looking, characters actors what drew them to acting.

Here’s my question to John Malkovich:

“How did you feel about the recent Presidental election, and what are your thoughts about Barack Obama becoming the first black president?”

I thought I’d ask this question to Mr. Malkovich, because not only is he one of the most underrated actors of his generation, but he seems like aa very intelligent guy?

Thank you having this great contest, even though I’m not going to win, and also, this is my first time visiting this site.

I’d ask Clark Gable where he got his suits.

Do you sometimes wonder if your perception of reality in the “real world” has been warped?

Robert Redford, who was your favorite actor to work with? And what was the movie you were in that you enjoyed making the most?

I would ask Robert Redford a million questions. My first question would be-What does he think is the best thing that has occured in the US in the past ten years? I love your site-

I would ask Harrison Ford… “You’re place or mine?”

do you miss real life?

i’d ask jeff goldblum about his marriage to geena davis

I would ask Johnny Depp how he prepares for his roles and does he stay in character until the film is over.. Where he gathers his insight to become his part..especially when he did the Pirate movies..

I’d ask Rita Hayworth: How did you learn to dance like that? Can you teach me?? 🙂

I would ask Brad Pitt if he still has feelings for Jennifer Aniston.

I would ask John Wayne what it was like to be in all those movies.

I would ask John Lennon to go out with me on the day he went to Yoko Ono’s art show. Maybe the Beatles would have created more magic.

i would ask mariska hargitay for her autograph

I would ask him how he got his start.

I would like to ask Sean Penn if he’s had a brain scan.

I would ask Johnny Depp if he would marry me!

I would ask George Clooney to go visit the Ellen show.

I would ask Johnny Depp what he thinks are the benefits of living and rasing children in France as opposed to the US?

I would ask Tom Hanks, “what is your secret for a successful Hollywood marriage?” Since most Hollywood marriages don’t seem to go so well!

Paris Hilton—Do your antics EVER embarrass you?

I would ask Christopher Lee…Of all the actors he has starred with in his lengthly career, who is his favorite and why?

I would ask Gary Sinise if it’s easy to be bi-coastal working on a series that films on both coasts. Please enter me to win!

I would ask Jack Nicholson ” I notice a lot of your characters are named Jack. Is this a coincidence or do you ask for this on purpose?”

I’d ask Bruce Willis what his next movie is going to be.

I would ask George Clooney what Maysville, Ky is really like!

One of my favorite actors, among many, is Jeremy Northam. The question I would ask him is : “would you like to go to tea?”

I would ask Barbara Walters “How do you stay so young?”

This fall I asked Donnie Wahlberg if I could squeeze his butt.
He said grab all you want girl and put my hand on his butt.
True story =)

So now I’m thinking about someday asking Owen Wilson the same question.

I would ask Bruce Willis to go out on a date with my sister

I would ask Ewan McGragor why he does so many nuude scenes and why does he think other male actors don’t? It is considered normal for women, but men seem reluctant.

I would like to ask Meg yan why she stopped doing cute movies. I loved her in those easy watching love stories.

i would ask brad pitt why the hell he dumped jennifer for angelina shes one strange ranger

I would ask Clint Eastwood- how he stayed so trim and fit his whole life? And if he loved making westerns?

I would ask Carol Channing about the ‘corn’ legend.

I would ask Demi Moore what she does to keep so fit.

Marilyn Monroe how did you die

i’d ask Woody Allen which one of his movies is his favorite!

also a subscriber via goovle reader

I would ask Katie Holmes (TomKat) in private if she is really happy. She looks so sad anymore when her face use to show such glow and happiness.

My favorite actress is Bette Davis, and although she has passed on, i would love to know more about her…the REAL her. So if I could only ask 1 question, I think it would have to be “What’s your favorite book?”

I’d ask Gary Sinise what he favorite role of all time was.

My post is here,
This is my first time to Thursday Thought’s, neat idea!

My link broke and I didn’t see my previous comment so here is my link

I’d ask Hugh Laurie if he’d like some dinner. That darn Hugh Laurie is the greatest!

I would ask how they go grocery shopping?

Simon Cowell will you sing me a song?

I’d like to ask Harrison Ford to give me flying lessons, but that’s not really one question.

“Harrison, is there someone in the industry you’ve never worked with who you’d really like to work with?”

“I would ask John Lennon to go out with me on the day he went to Yoko Ono’s art show. Maybe the Beatles would have created more magic.”

That still chaps my hide too!

I would ask Andy Gibb why didn’t he talk to someone about whatever was bothering him instead of turning to drugs.

I’d ask just ask Natasha Lyonne how it’s going & go from there! : )

I would like to ask Ray Milland what it was like going from being in the calvary (he was noticed by movie people when he shot a hole in a quarter!) in Great Britain to being a Hollywood movie star, and what it was like making the movie
The Lost Weekend (as you can see, he is one of my favorite movie stars!).

My question is for Miley Cyrus.I’m one of your big fans.Is it possible to audition for one of your latershow with me and my nephew Austin?

How would one get into acting? Thanks for the chance to win.

i’d ask harrison ford if there are going to be any more indiana jones films


78 Entries.. my best contest so far!


I would ask, “What’s your addiction?”

I would ask Sean Connery, what did you like best about doing the role of James Bond?

I would ask Jennifer Aniston how she deals with the hurt when she sees Brad and Angelinas pictures on tv and in magazines. I feel so bad for her as it is hard enough to see a marriage end but to have it shoved in front of you over and over again makes it so much harder.

I would ask Hugh Laurie {aka Dr House} if it is a bit easier for him to remember his lines since his father in real life was a doctor.

I would ask Keanu Reeves if he still has his spleen. That is a big abdominal scar!

I would love to ask Britney Spears for dancing lessons. This old man would love to be able to keep up with her!

I’d ask Cary Grant if he thought he would have gotten as many roles if he hadn’t changed his name.

I’d ask Brad Pitt, “Do you think you are handsome?”.

I’d ask Barbra Streisand how she *really* felt when President Bush kissed her at the recent Kennedy Center gala. Actually, if I could ask her anything, I’d probably want to know why she didn’t direct more films in her career, if there were any particular obstacles, either creatively or politically, that limited her output, and if she has any projects on the horizon. Then I’d ask her about Bush 🙂

I would ask Will Smith, ‘Will you marry me?’ 🙂

I know, I know…I’m already married, but he is just so darn…talented, ya that’s it! lol 😉

I would ask Charlton Heston what it was like to play Moses and how did that influence his life.

I would ask Vivian Lee if she really thought she was Scarlett O’Hara.

I would like to ask Liz Taylor. Did you enjoy your life and many marriages.

I would ask Kirk Douglas, ” How did you develop your ppositive Attitude?”

I would ask Christopher Walken what happened on the boat the night Natalie died. And I’d promise not to tell.

I would ask Charlize if it was hard for her to get transformed in the movie Monster.

I would ask Tilda Swinton what its like to be in the same room as George Clooney.

I would ask many of them if there wasn’t money to be made would you still be acting? Are they truly Actors??

I would ask Zac Efron if he is really dating Vanessa.

She’s no longer around, but I’d ask Mae West how she got all that rockin’ confidence!

I subscribed to your feed.

I would ask Conan O’Brien what his favorite food was.


I am loving these questions!

Is this a question that would be answered truthfully? Then I would have to ask Tom Cruise if he were gay.

Johnny Depp…how do you keep your private lives so private…out of the tabloids?

Okay Brad Pitt when did it REALLy start with you and Angelina Jolie?

I would ask jennifer garner if she plans on doing another movie and when.

I would ask Bruce Willis his secret to getting along so well with his Ex!

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