Thursday’s Thoughts

Question: Do We Like Thursday’s Thoughts?

Posted on: November 7, 2008


The participation level in Thursday’s Thoughts has really dwindled.  I really enjoy the weekly challenge, but due to the level of response on the last two contests, I’m not sure that I should keep it up. 

Please give me your feedback…

Am I better off just hosting periodic contests on A Novel Menagerie?

Thanks for your candid comments!



4 Responses to "Question: Do We Like Thursday’s Thoughts?"

I like the concept of thursdays thoughts, I think I just have been bogged down in reviews and reading and full time job. Its hard for me to participate weekly in any of these memes or challenges…i’m a bit sporadic.

I only recently found your site, so I’m not sure what the participation level has been like… I got one all written up, but I did not get a chance to post it.

Whether you keep the event here, or you switch sites for your giveaways, I’ve no strong feeling for or against. I hope you find something workable for you!

No no! Please do keep it up! I’ve only just found your site, and I’d be so disappointed if you stopped now!

I miss the Thursday Thoughts. My fault, I was participating but forgetting to stop by and post my link. I hope you decide to continue.

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