Thursday’s Thoughts

Thursday’s Thoughts: What’s Your Favorite Classroom Subject?

Posted on: October 30, 2008

Was it…



Social Studies?


Theater Arts?


What was/is that favorite class of yours?  The one that you just loved the homework, the classroom activity, and the projects?  Was it something that came easy to you?  Or, was it more of a struggle, but you just wanted it that much?  It may have been a teacher than inspired you to love the topic.  Perhaps, that cute boy in the classroom who became your tutor?

This week’s Thursday’s Thoughts… What is/was your favorite classroom subject?  Did it come easy for you…? Why did you love it?


I recently read Life After Genius, about a boy who was a math genius.  He loved math!  Actually, as do I!  He was definitely a math-addict!  I did well in all aspects of math, but geometry wasn’t my passion, for some reason.  But, I loved English and language just as much.  I hated history… but, now regret that I didn’t listen more about it.  Science was cool, but I hated memorizing the Periodic Table of Elements (remember that one?).

The prize for this week’s Thursday’s Thoughts is a copy of Life After Genius

All of the regular rules apply…

  • Write a post on your site answering this week’s topic & question.  Put a link to that post in the comments section below.
  • Write your answer via a comment below.
  • Send me an email at with your answer and I’ll post it for you.
  • All entries preferred to be concluded on October 30th, however entries are open until November 5th at 3pm PST. 
  • Winners are announced on next week’s Thursday’s Thoughts.

In an unrelated topic… please VOTE!  It’s not just about the president… it’s about the local propositions and leaders.  They need your vote~ (preaching is now concluded!).


3 Responses to "Thursday’s Thoughts: What’s Your Favorite Classroom Subject?"

what a great question, my answer can be seen at my website.

Sorry I am late but I have my answer posted finally! The link is:

My favorite subject was Social Studies. It came pretty easy to me, but mostly because I found it interesting.

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