Thursday’s Thoughts

Thursday’s Thoughts: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Posted on: October 16, 2008

In addition to all of the fun that we’re all having surrounding Fall, Canadian Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, Halloween, and Yom Kippur, we must remember those women in the world who may not be celebrating freely… those who are suffering from that deadly disease Breast Cancer.   Personally, I’ve been impacted by at least 3 women in my life who have been attacked by this disease and thankfully, all of them survived.  However, most of them had a partial or full masectomy. 

Since I look like a German Tank, I alway make fun of myself and my “boobs.”  When I was young, I was a VERY late bloomer.  My best friend, Tiffany, was already a size C at age 13 (8th grade).  All the boys called her “Miniature Dolly Parton” and I was “Flat Chested Woman.”  They’d sing songs about us in the fashion of a Beatles’ tune and sang it aloud as we walked by.. “Miniature Dolly Parton, Whooo…. Flat Chested Woman, Whooo…”I was mortified.

After 8th grade, I prayed and prayed to God to just “give me breasts!”  I told God that I had been a very good girl, with straight “A’s” and graduated top of my class…. I deserved them and… if he gave them to me, I’d be a very good girl in high school.  Now, not one woman in my family is “endowed,” so my chances were slim to none.  But, before the 9th grade, they came!  DD’s!  People always say, “Be careful what you pray for!”  Now, I know why!  God gave me these ridiculously large ones for a 95 lb. frame (at the time… not that now!). I guess I prayed WAY too much.   From then on, I’ve always thought of them as more of a curse than a blessing.

Now, I’m totally sick of them and dream of a day when I can go without a bra (like NEVER!).  But, I realize that I’m lucky because I’m healthy. I haven’t been stricken with breast cancer as of yet.  I haven’t lost my breasts due to this disease.  I think about how much they bug me… and, then I think about…  “what if I didn’t have the choice and they were gone?”  I’m sure that I’d feel like less of a woman, or not complete… not sure which.  It would be a very difficult adjustment, I know that.

I had my “baseline” mammogram when I was 36 years old.  I get another one when I hit 40 (which is November of next year…. OMG!).  I know that prevention is the only way to ensure that we dectect these kinds of diseases early on.  Don’t forget those lovely self-exams (ugh).

For all mothers, daughters, friends and sisters out there… this week’s Thursday’s Thoughts surrounds on National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The winning entry will receive a $25 donation that I will make on behalf of the winner (in the name of the  winner or her chosen designee).

What do you need to do to enter:  Write ANYTHING you want about breast cancer.  It can be a personal story, the story of a loved one, or just your thoughts on it.  Please see entry guidelines below.

Thank you!

Also, please see A Novel Menagerie for an additional article on resources, charities, etc.

For the Rules, Prizes, and Yada Yada Yada……

This weeks give-a-way: $25 donation to National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. on your behalf!

How to Enter:  Simply write a post on the above topic on your Blog-Site.  In my comments section, below, leave a link to the post so that all the readers can link to it.  If you’re a non-blogger, a typed response is sufficient in the comments section below.. just leave a quick comment or two. 

The deadline:  Just have your entry in by Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at 3:00PM PST.  You can also email me your entry and I’ll post it for you.   My email is

Last, but never least, the winner to last week’s Thursday’s Thoughts is Reading in Appalachia!

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8 Responses to "Thursday’s Thoughts: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month"

Yasmin at Apooo wrote this article. Although she didn’t specifically sign up for the contest and add her link here… I’m doing it for her. Check our her great post at :


Hey I’m here and thanks so much for promoting my story! A routine mammogram saved my life and my health…and I highly advocate squeezing your boobs once a month or letting your husband/SO do so. 😉

My Friend, Shana…. is hosting a give-a-way. And, she’s promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Check out her contest!–hollywood-crows-by-joseph-wambaugh.aspx

Good story;) I agree wholeheartedly that prevention, awareness, and early diagnosis are the keys not only to maintaining one’s health, but also to beating this disease. Everyone should be checking their body b/c it only takes a few seconds. Keep up the fight against breast cancer!!

Hi there! I’m a two year survivor!! WOO HOO! I have a blog called Pink Stinx! It’s full of all kinds of Breast Cancer Information.

Stop by for a visit!!! Please?

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