Thursday’s Thoughts


Posted on: October 15, 2008

Our Winner for Last Week’s

Thursday’s Thoughts is…..

ICEDREAM… aka Reading in Appalachia!

She won because… I can relate to her scaring the BEZUSSES out of the kiddies!  You go, girl!

Here’s her winning entry:

Today the question from Sher on Thursday’s Thoughts:
“This week’s Thursday’s Thoughts… Share your most favorite Halloween Tales! It can be memories of your childhood or those of your children! It can be about your favorite costume… or Halloween Party!”

My most memorable Halloween wasn’t actually a fun one. I love the holiday and have to admit I participated in going trick-or-treating much longer than I should have. What finally got me to stop was the last year I went. I felt I was to mature for the childish store bought costumes and decided to become creative. I decided to go as a “traditional housewife” (yeah, I was being a smart***). I put on my rattiest bathrobe, fuzzy slippers, wore a wig with it done up in rollers and spread Noxzema all over my face. I thought I was hilarious and no surprise coming.. I knocked on a door and the lady who answered was dressed just like me (sans Noxzema). I kid you not! Bless the lady, she had the sense of humor to laugh but I was mortified, as I should have been. Shame on me and I learned my lesson. I spent the next years dressing up to give out candy and scaring the bezusses out of the kids who came to the door.


4 Responses to "WE’VE GOT A WINNER!"

Thank you so much!

congrats to icedream.

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