Thursday’s Thoughts

Thursday’s Thoughts: Halloween Memories

Posted on: October 9, 2008

Thursday’s Thoughts:  Share your most FAVORITE Halloween!

When I was a little girl, our neighborhood was sooooo safe.  My sister and I could just go out Trick-or-Treating throughout the neighborhood, by ourselves… collecting candy to our heart’s content.  We’d use pillow cases for our candy and spill it all out over the floor as soon as we got home.  This was immediately followed by the “TRADE” session (I’m one of those kids who LOVES coconut…. give me the Almond Joys and Mounds, sista!).  I remember throwing away the “icky” ones or ones without wrappers directly into the trash compacter…. only to get that covered in gunk!  Those were awful contraptions in the 70’s!  Just a pumpkin and your porch light were all it took and you were “open for business.”

Today, I still live in that neighborhood, different house, of course.  The traffic is much lighter and, except for the teenagers, all children have parents along.  Some parents are smart and are toting a beer and friends to keep them company!  But, my Halloween Spirit is ALIVE AS EVER!  My birthday is a few days from Halloween, so I celebrate both on Halloween night.  I dress up and the house becomes a HAUNTED DELIGHT!  I have a graveyard with fog… and scary monsters who hang from trees.  There are bats and ghosts and skeletons!  I dress like a very VAMPY witch and scare the little ones by coming out of the fog slowly.  It’s a blast. 

I make my famous BLOODY eyeballs and goblin punch!  I invite all friends in for food and parents in for a taste of the “punch” to-go… like the neighborhood watering hole.  AND, I LOVE IT!

I carve 5 custom pumpkins that take a full day to do.  My hands get what we refer to as “Pumpkin Cramp!” 

The children’s crowds are getting smaller.  They go to churches and malls instead of door-to-door.  Why?  Because the few have ruined it for the many.  The old neighborhood days were the best!  I will still show up, haunted house and all… to give kids memories of “that cool house in the neighbohood” that was “soooo scary!”  (Glad, she’s not “my mom!”)

This week’s Thursday’s Thoughts…  Share your most favorite Halloween Tales!  It can be memories of your childhood or those of your children!  It can be about your favorite costume… or Halloween Party!

For the Rules, Prizes, and Yada Yada Yada……

This weeks give-a-way: $15 gift certificate to your on-line store of choice!

How to Enter:  Simply write a post on the above topic on your Blog-Site.  In my comments section, below, leave a link to the post so that all the readers can link to it.  If you’re a non-blogger, a typed response is sufficient in the comments section below.. just leave a quick comment or two. 

The deadline:  Just have your entry in by Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at 3:00PM PST.  You can also email me your entry and I’ll post it for you.   My email is

Last, but never least, the winners to last week’s Thursday’s Thoughts are Alyce from At Home with Books and Tricia from Obsessed Reader!

Congratulations, Alyce & Tricia! 

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6 Responses to "Thursday’s Thoughts: Halloween Memories"

The fondness of candy, oh how I miss those days when I could stuff myself full and not puke.

So there was this one time where my friends had kidnapped me right after school for trick-or-treating. They dragged me away kicking and screaming…okay not really, way too many people would stare…but I did put up a good fight, but alas I was defeated by a group of 5 girls.

I ended up in a friend’s house which happened to be across the street from school and then the torture began…It was so horrible and awful that I dare not speak word of it again. Ok I lied again :P. It was pretty awful though, getting your hair pulled this way and that, hair spray in your eye, markers covering your entire face, and a black robe all the way to the ground. Add to that a broom stick to carry for blocks on end. And don’t forget your trusty plastic bag where you store your goodies!

Until the sun went down, we went from house to house and I, feeling so ecstatic about free candy had sung the entire song for trick-or-treating to one of the houses. You know the one, “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat…” Well my little embarrassing fiasco got me extra candies Yay! There was this also this strange house where I got a toothbrush…and another where I got coupons to McDonalds O_o

Around 7 I finally dragged myself home and unloaded my booty… and began to gorge myself. I loved Halloween~

I always loved going to the houses that really decorated it up for the night, especially if they had scary people giving out candy! My post this week is at:

I remember this one time for Halloween my elementary school had a huge celebration. We had a huge parade where all the kids would march around the school sidewalk and the blocks around it, displaying their class banner and costumes. I didn’t have a costume on, so my teacher had gotten a pink and green gel pen and drawn all over my face.

After which, we had games outside on the blacktop. There was one where you had to throw the ping-pong ball into the goldfish bowl to win. They served candy and water ice but you had to either pay for it or exchange for raffle tickets.

The best part of the day was in the gym area where the principal had a dance-off with one of the students. I was mortified FOR her. At that time it was hilarious because when it was her turn to dance, she was clapping her hands to the beat of the music and shuffling her feet, we were all waiting for her to start getting her “groove on.” But sadly, that’s all she did, clap and shuffle.

Another amusing event was the competition between the principal and vice principal. It was basically like a contest of strength and agility. But the funny part was in the end when pies were thrown at both of their faces. I don’t recall (hey! It’s been a long time XD) exactly how it ended up that way, but they each had a pie in their hands and BAM! went the pies in the other person’s face. It was absolutely hilarious and something you will never forget, especially for the child’s principal!

My mom goes all out for Halloween every year too.

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