Thursday’s Thoughts

Thursday’s Thoughts: Stop the Madness!

Posted on: October 1, 2008

I'm TOTALLY Obsessed!


Isn’t this what they say in B.A. (Bloggers Anonymous)?

God, grant me the serenity,

to accept the fact I can’t stop blogging,

the courage to walk away from the keyboard,

and the wisdom to get some sleep!

It’s true.  I’m a walking, talking, breathing… BLOG ADDICT.  The first step is accepting the fact that this is something I cannot change… I just have to face my addiction one post at a time!

I have multiple blogs… all for different reasons.  I’m neglecting some of them and need to spend some time on them this weekend… others, I’m really atop of and super passionate about. 

I simply cannot stop the madness.  But, when I think about the ways I used to spend my time and the way I use it now, I’m feeling somewhat okay with it.  I mean, who knew that my creative writing side so badly needed to be unleashed?  And, who knew that it would be a healthy way of adding balance to my life?  I guess The Big Guy In the Sky did… that’s why he brought me Lisa

This Week’s Thursday’s Thoughts:

Why did got you begin on your blogging adventure?  Tell the who, what, when, where and why!  How many blogs do you maintain?  How often do you write on your blog and how much time do you spending reading other blogs?  Do you feel a compulsion to share your blogging experience with the people in your life?  Have you made real connections via your blogging?  And, last, but NEVER least…


For the Rules, Prizes, and Yada Yada Yada……

This weeks give-a-way: (Drum Roll, Please….) A custom, hand-made book floss, book mark… constructed by the hands of yours truly!  In addition, you will get a portable book light (the cool ones that attach to your book with the LED light on it) so you can read in the dark!!!! But, don’t tell me what your’re doing in the dark… Hee Hee!

How to Enter:  Simply write a post on the above topic on your Blog-Site.  In my comments section, below, leave a link to the post so that all the readers can link to it.  If you’re a non-blogger, a typed response is sufficient in the comments section below.. just leave a quick comment or two. 

The deadline:  Just have your entry in by Wednesday, October 8, 2008 at 3:00PM PST.  You can also email me your entry and I’ll post it for you.   My email is

Last, but never least, the winner to last week’s Thursday’s Thoughts: Does Reading Affect Your Dreams is Memory from Stella Mantutina! 

Congratulations, Memory! 

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15 Responses to "Thursday’s Thoughts: Stop the Madness!"

My Friend Amy has a posting…

hmmm…… I’m linking it for her!

(she said I was “lovely”)

I found another posting….

Reading in Appalachia…

Check it out!

Thanks Sher! I was going to come back and post the link, (my computer at work doesn’t like your blog) You’re a star!

I don’t have a blog but I am a big blog reader and I definitely have started to forge some friendships with a few people because of it. They keep encouraging me to start my own blog and I kind of want to but I’m a little scared to do it.

I found another one without a linkity link…

check this one out!

This looks like so much fun! Here is my post.

I found another Thursday’s Thoughts weekly entry on this great site that I’ve never seen before. Check it out.

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