Thursday’s Thoughts

Thursday’s Thoughts: Does Reading Affect Your Dreams?

Posted on: September 25, 2008

Do the books you read enter your Dream World?

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely a night-reader!  Don’t get me wrong, if I have time during the day, I’ll hit the book and grab whatever I can out of the time allotted.  But, mostly it’s me and the night sky sharing a tale that an author poured so much of his passion and love into.

As my reading has increased and my television input has dramatically decreased, I am noticing that my dreams have changed, as well.  I’m curious, does this happen to you, fellow bloggers and readers?  Do you see elements of the book’s story-line enter your dreams?  Do the characters appear in your dreams?  If so, are the characters a representation of a part of your personality… like they say we project in dreams?

This week, I am reading The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson and the narrator of the novel is a male burn victim from a car accident (his car went over a cliff and caught on fire).  So far, my dreams have included me falling from a cliff and me eating exotic foods (the book describes many foreign foods).  My goodness… well, the food dreams… not so bad… but the cliff one… not so much!

This Weeks Thursday’s Thoughts:  Tell us whether not reading has affected your dreams.  Do you see the characters of the stories in your dreams?  Or, is it rather a part of the story-line that integrates itself into your dreams?  Do you remember your dreams?  Do you dream vividly, or not that you can remember at all?  What do your dreams represent to you?

This weeks give-a-way: Any book from valued at $15 or under.  I will have it shipped directly to your address!

How to Enter:  Simply write a post on the above topic on your Blog-Site.  In my comments section, below, leave a link to the post so that all the readers can link to it.  If you’re a non-blogger, a typed response is sufficient in the comments section below.. just leave a quick comment or two. 

Oh… SO SORRY… I just realized that I forgot to explain the deadlines… ugh.  So sorry!  Just have them in by Wednesday, October 1, 2008 at 3:00PM PST.  You can also email me your entry and I’ll post it for you.   My email is

Last, but never least, the winner to last week’s Thursday’s Thoughts: What’s Your Most Memorable Moment is Shana from Literarily!  Shana:  Is it $15 at SnapFish or GRAB BAG SUPRISE?

Congratulations, Shana! 

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15 Responses to "Thursday’s Thoughts: Does Reading Affect Your Dreams?"

I read mostly at night too lol.

Here’s my Thursday’s Thoughts!

Wow, Sheri, THANKS. I’ll definitely take the $15 at Snapfish. I still need to develop tons of pics that my daughter took on her trip to Washington D.C. trip in June.

HERE is my Thursday’s Thoughts for today.

Alyce, I can’t wait to read yours!

Yes reading does affect my dreams. Especially if I am reading a thriller. Some times I dream the killer is after me. Although this might be considered a nightmare. I often remember my dreams.

Oh, I just loved The Gargoyle!

Anyway, usually if the book is really good and I’m at a suspenseful part, I have dreams about it. Most of the time, it’s usually my interpretation of how the characters look like and I’m just there floating around and witnessing it. Once I wake up, it’s only just bits and pieces, never the whole thing but that’s what daydreaming is for XD.

My dreams always connect me to the book that I’m currently reading so I never actually stop reading! I love my dreams and how the story characters are acting the book right in front of me.

Hmm, I tried to post a comment on Thursday’s Thoughts page. Either it will show up a few times or not at all. So far, not at all. For some reason I get a message post and cancel? Well, for what it’s worth I posted this weeks answer at:

Let’s see if my re-typing your comment inserts it correctly:

A few times I’ve had dreams about the books I read. And it never was good. Now if they were good dreams it would be fun.

I do read at night but I can’t say that I’ve ever had a dream about the books I’m read. However, I rarely remember by dreams so maybe I have! lol

Forgot my email. I do that a lot! lol
mittens0831 AT aol DOT com

Not too late at all!
Cut off is Wednesday at 3pm PST

I done a essay in school about dreams and omens and learned that we dream every night we are just not able to recall what we dream. I’ve found that when i read at night before i go to sleep somehow the characters end up in my dreams at times maybe not the story line in the book i read but alot of times where i think the book is leading in the story line. My sister-in-law told me that every book she reads she dreams about them and she thought that was really wierd untill i told her i did at times too. I think it happens more than people think. Enjoyed your post!

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