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Your Most Memorable Moment…

Posted on: September 17, 2008

Thursday’s Thoughts 9.18.08:


Tell Us About Your

Most Memorable Moment!

Now, I’ve been learning quite a bit about you bloggers and readers out there in “internet land.”  It’s such a pleasure to learn about your blogging experiences, the books you love, and your collections.  But, this week… let’s dive a bit more into the personal!  Let me tell you why.

My sister-in-law, Terra, and my brother, Bill, have just had their first baby boy, Aaron.  OK… so I’m the smitten kitten auntie and got to hold him for like 2 hours today… ahhh the smell of a baby and those cute little sounds!   Anyway, as Terra and I sat and had “baby talk,” I was reminded of so many wonderful memories of when my twins were little, sweet, cute, cuddly, and didn’t talk back to me!  Yes, I can remember the lack of sleep and how hard it is right after you have a baby (or, two), but once it’s been a while.. say, a DECADE, you nearly forget how hard it was and can only remember those sweet, wonderful memories fondly.  Is that God’s trick into conning us into having more kidlets?  Hmmm… question for another day!

In any event, I had so many beautiful “flashbacks” today of my babies, breastfeeding, and pivotal “growing up” milestones.  Which one was the most memorable?   Is my most memorable moment with them?  Or, is it a private moment of a victory that I earned alone?  Perhaps, it was falling in love with that guy of my dreams (yes, you know who you are…).  It’s hard for me to pick just one.  I’ve been blessed with so many.

Much to many other mothers’ dismay, I don’t think that giving birth to my girls was my most memorable moment.  I understand from many that  most mothers say that is the greatest moment(s) of their lives.  Others, recite their wedding day as the greatest moment.  With me… such a colorful and checkered past… I’m not really sure which one is the overall “best.”

What I can say, is that I miss those days when the twins were babes and into toddlers… like when they were taking a bubble bath together while we listed to the Lion King Soundtrack.  Man, could those kids blast out “The Circle of Life!”  Sometimes, we’d sing “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid… (“what do they call them… oh, feet.”)  Those songs forever emblazoned in my brain.  Is that a good thing?  Oh, and Feety Pajamas and Winnie the Pooh.  And, “bah-bah’s” and swings and paccies and blankies.  And that little plastic elephant swimming pool in the backyard where the water would fountain out of his trunk and the girls would try to catch the sprinkles.  When they got mobile… and I had to remove everything but the couch and TV from the room and encircle us in a tremendous gated area… just so they couldn’t escape and head two directions on me.  I sang little made-up songs to them and called them everything but their real names.

I told Terra today that one of my most memorable moments is when the twins would first wake up in the morning… and scoot out of their toddler beds.  I’d be sitting, waiting for them in the middle of their carpeted floor with my legs and arms stretched wide open.  Each twin would take a leg/arm and we’d group hug and rock until the sleepy eyes were fully open and food started to be mentioned.  Today,  I can’t hold their entire bodies in my arms anymore, and they’re nearly as tall as me.  What I’d give to go back and do it one more time… just one more day.

What is/are your most memorable moment(s)?  I know it’s a personal question… very personal.  But, I’m looking at this as an opportunity to get to know my new “friends” a little bit better.  Besides, you might find a lot of joy in reminiscing.  Tonight, we turned on The Lion King… some things never change… they pointed to the TV – “Elephants,” “Monkeys,” “Giraffes,” “Birds, Mom…”

That’s right… some things never change!

This week’s Thursday’s Thoughts Contest:  Please describe your most memorable moment(s).  For the bloggers out there, please write it via a post and put that good ole’ link in the comments section below.  For the readers who don’t blog, please leave it in the comments below and make sure I have your email address, in case you win!  Deadline is Wednesday, September 24th at midnight, PST.  The prize, you ask?  Your choice… a $15 Gift Certificate/Credit to SnapFish.Com or “Grab Bag”.  Grab Bag is something funky and unique, with no ryhme or reason… and just for fun!




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Sher, I loved reading about your precious memories with your girls. The pictures are great too.

Mine is here:

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