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Not 1, But 2 give-aways for BBAW Week!

Posted on: September 13, 2008

Your Favorite "Gem" of a Book

Your Favorite "Gem" of a Book

The 2nd Contest for BBAW is on!

There are some “gems” on your bookshelf and some that you just don’t have the heart to throw away (although you should). 

What is your favorite book?  Why is it a “gem” to you?  How many times have you read it?  How may people have you lent it to or referred it to?

The prize, you say?  My only hint is that it is a real semi-precious stone -or- “gem”… and you’ll be pleasantly suprised!  Please, to enter, write a post on your blog and paste the link below via a comment.  That way, all contestants can see each other’s blogs and all the fun stuff on them. 

Deadline:  Thursday, September 18th by 3pm PST.

Please don’t forget to visit My Friend Amy and BBAW Appreciation Week for all of the nifty giveaways.  ALSO… on My Friend Amy, she provides a list of the presenters of the winners of the BBAW awards this week.  I can’t wait.  Only 2 more days!

It's Appreciation Week!



11 Responses to "Not 1, But 2 give-aways for BBAW Week!"

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Thanks so much, Alessandra!

diana wynn jones’ “archer’s goon”, it’s just one perfect book,
it’s a lovely fantasy, and everytime i am surpried by it and it just grabd you and it’s just very, very fine fantasy. i’ve even made my dad read it and he really is not into fantasy!! 🙂 and after that ofcourse i make everyone read or dwj’s “dark lord of derkholm”!!

The one book that I can’t part with is a book I got as a child, its called “where the sidewalk grows” its a book of cute kids poems and its practly falling apart but I still love looking through it

One of my favorites is “The Gate to Women’s Country” by Sheri Tepper. It’s one of my favorites because it is a fantasy/sci-fi book, but it is also a book about feminism, secret societies, manipulating culture, and more. I’ve read it several times and then gave it to a good friend. I’m keeping my eye out for a used copy because I want to read it again.

The Dreamkeeper and Other Poems by Langston Hughes
is my gem.

I don’t have a blog… sorry so I’ll just post here, if that’s alright.

My gem book to me, is a series actually, a manga series… Skip Beat… I love it because not only are the characters amazing… but the series is just burst-out laughing hysterical.

The best part is I’ve had lots of people who don’t like comic books or books that have pictures and words… they’ve read it and loved it… so its amazing in that sense as well.



etwilight @ yahoo . com

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The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. These characters have stuck with me for so long. I often think about them during the day, and the lessons that they have taught me. So inspiring!

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